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When it comes to your dog, you know he deserves the best. But in the world of natural dog food, it can be difficult to determine what is actually top of the line.

We can help you learn about natural dog food, its benefits and how its premium ingredients can promote a shinier skin and coat, and a overall better digestive health.

Acana Dog Food CANADA Champion Pet Foods

"We make Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients and we make them from start to finish in our very own...

Boréal CANADA Lincoln Biotech

"Over the past 20 plus years we have been committed to nutrition and dog health issues and we are more convinced than ever that all of us most...

Canidae Dog Food USA

"At CANIDAE®, innovation is what our brand is built on. Thinking of new ways to do better for pets and their people has inspired us since we...

Fromm Dog Food USA

"Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated artisan pet food company based in Wisconsin. Since 1904, our family has maintained...

Go! Now Fresh & Gather- Canine

High protein, lower carb recipes; recipes formulated for dogs with food sensitivities; and recipes that provide preventative care. We pack...

Holistic Select

Holistic Select® starts off with healthy, natural ingredients like fruits and veggies, proteins, whole grains and omega fatty acids. Combine...

Horizon Dog Food

^ . ^ Horizon makes four lines of dog food, and they're all made in Canada! Complete/Amicus/Legacy and Pulsar. Here's a little info from...

Merrick Dog Food USA

Not all brands make their own food. We put cooking and quality under one roof. Our five-star kitchen and manufacturing facilities uphold the...

Open Farm CANADA -Canine

"We started Open Farm because we wanted to create a pet food that animal lovers could feel great about, both because it is made with quality,...

Orijen Dog Food CANADA Champion Pet Food

Inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals, ORIJEN features unmatched and unique inclusions of fresh meats that mirror the evolutionary...


Founded in 2008, Smack Pet Food Inc. is a Canadian-based company that formulates and manufactures raw dehydrated food for dogs and cats. Our...

Tripett CANADA Petkind

Tripett BUTCHER SHOP features a line of canned food based on pure meat formulations which are 100% GRAIN FREE and 99%+ PURE MEAT and TRIPE. Some...

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Coupon Petcurean
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Gather // Endless Valley Vegan - 2.72 kg
0 $42.50 +HST
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NRG // Original Beef - 1 kg
0 $24.25 +HST
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NUTRIPE Classic Venison Viscera and Green Lamb - 390 g
0 $3.85 +HST
In Stock
NUTRIPE Salmon & Green Lamb Tripe - 390 g
0 $3.85 +HST
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Primal samples
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red paw fitness sent in error
0 $79.00 +HST
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Sojos® Complete Lamb Recipe Dog Food - 794 g
0 $28.50 +HST
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Sojos® Complete Lamb Recipe Dog Food - 7 lb -  each
0 $115.00 +HST
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Stella and Chewy's // Meal Mixers Sea-Licious Salmon & Cod D - 18 oz
0 $51.50 +HST

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